FIFA 18 Tips: How to Find Good Players?

Although it’s a lot of trouble , it ‘ s more real .

How to find good players?

My approach is to combine knowledge of football and search the Internet for outstanding players, and then search for players in FIFA 18. First of all, best place to buy fifa coins to have a certain amount of knowledge about football, at least to know what the best players in the world are. But the problem is these players are very expensive.

If the transfer budget is not sufficient, some of the demon players can be considered. Although there are many differences between the reality and the game, the writer can be sure that EA will also apply the network data to FIFA 18, too. As long as there are mentioned in various domestic and international football media this season, in the FIFA 18 is all good.

For example, Nabil Fekir was regarded as “The French Demon King” at the beginning of 2016, although he was seriously injured in reality. best fifa coin websites FIFA 18 was also reduced his comprehensive evaluation, but actually used him to play the game very well with left leg, impact and footwork.

These demon players are very cheap. Just a little exercise, they can be sold a good price. If these demon players are very excellent, then, as the writer does, they will become tomorrow’s team leader.

So we should pay more attention to the Internet players / demon players information, and then search again in the game.

Another way to search players is to use scouts to help find them, which is not a good idea, because even if you find a player,best place to buy fifa 18 coins they can’t grow as well as a real demon.

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