Creative Cloud 2014: некоторые новые возможности перед NAB2014

Adobe открывает множество новых возможностей в своих новых приложениях и продемонстрирует их на NAB2014 в Лас-Вегасе на следующей неделе (расписание). Полный список нововведений можно увидеть на сайте Adobe.

Список основных новых возможностей:

  • Live AE текстовые шаблоны, маски, трекинг, повышенная GPU производительность 4K в Premiere Pro и других приложениях
  • Эффекты масок и новый эффект кеинга в After Effects
  • Улучшены ссылки в SpeedGrade
  • Улучшены мультитрековые функции в Audition
  • Улучшен рабочий процесс в Adobe Story Free и Story CC Plus
  • Расширенные параметры экспорта в Adobe Media Encoder

Кстати, 10 апреля 2014 года, Adobe проводит вебинар, где Adobe покажет свои новинки для видео-профессионалов.

Некоторые новые функции в Adobe Premiere:

Дополнительные опции импорта видео

Теперь при импорте нового проекта можно не копировать копии файлов в проект.

Отключение FX Badge

Сохранение структуры папки при импорте файлов

Автоматическое сохранение в Adobe Cloud

Привязка нескольких действий на одну горячую клавишу

Поддержка файлов raw BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera

В новой версии Adobe Premiere, Premiere поддерживает файлы cdmg от камеры BMPCC. Впрочем, поддерживаются cdmg от многих других камер.

Просмотр видео с альфа каналом

Маски встроены в стандартные эффекты, так же присутствует трекинг масок

Другие обновления:

  • Intel Iris поддерживается Mercury OpenCL.
  • Full support for browsing After Effects projects in the Media Browser has been added, and effects compositions within an AEP can be previewed.
  • Users can specify a number of frames for the step forward/back command.
  • Media Browser project browse has been significantly improved for multi-project workflows.
  • A new progress bar appears over the Premiere Pro icon on the Mac OS X dock or Windows taskbar displaying render progress.
  • A new Track Select Backwards tool has been added.
  • An option to show transparent/alpha elements of a frame as a gray and white grid has been added.
  • A preference has been added to maintain audio pitch on scrub and shuttle.
  • The Cross-Dissolve transition is now preset capable.
  • Lens Distortion Removal presets have been added for Go Pro and DJI cameras, and the Lens Distortion Removal effect has been ported to Mac.
  • Multiple transitions can be selected at once and their durations altered simultaneously.
  • Red Giant Pluraleyes workflows have been improved.
  • Several issues with AAF export have been resolved.
  • A Reverse Match Frame command has been added.
  • Significant improvements have been made to effects and transitions parity between Windows and Mac.
  • ‘Favorites’ can now be created and navigated to in the Media Browser.
  • Double-clicking a track item in a sequence will automatically perform a match frame to the playhead position when it is parked on a frame within that item.
  • Typekit support has been added to Premiere Pro, allowing quick access to the Typekit website from the Title menu.
  • A preference has been added to allow a user’s most recent autosave file to be automatically backed up to Creative Cloud.
  • Comment names are displayed in the Marker panel.
  • All video and/or all audio tracks can be locked or unlocked with an assigned keyboard shortcut.
  • An Export command has been added to the contextual menu for items in the Project Panel.
  • Sequences in the Timeline or Project Panel can be made offline with a right-click.
  • A keyboard shortcut can be assigned for the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.
  • Sound roll/Sound timecode can be used in an EDL export.
  • Audio clip volume keyframing can be nudged up and down with assignable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Scratch-disk workflows have been improved, both when moving between platforms and when the previous scratch disk is offline.
  • Searching and sorting in the Project Panel has been made dramatically faster.
  • A new Set To Frame Size command has been added, preserving the full resolution of media without rasterizing (as with Scale To Frame Size).
  • A new popup has been added to audio track headers to allow fast Voice Over recording configuration.
  • Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus (stereo only) can be encoded on export.
  • The fx badges on track items have been moved to the left of the name, and can now be disabled.
  • More than one keyboard shortcut can be assigned to a single command.
  • Improvements have been made to AVCi growing files performance.
  • An option has been added to not consolidate duplicates on import.
  • Manual sync offsets can be committed to a new Project item.
  • SCC or MCC caption files can be created without needing to create accompanying media.
  • Effects are preserved when using the Flatten Multicam command.
  • An option has been added to create a new folder when a sequence or XML is imported.
  • The Mosaic effect has been GPU optimized.
  • Assignable keyboard shortcuts have been added for toggling audio and video track outputs.
  • A preference has been added to disable automatic import of embedded closed caption streams.
  • Users can export to AS11 content packages.
  • Users can export to certain types of Quvis Wraptor DCP packages.

Полный список нововведений

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