Panasonic анонсировали DMC-GH4 4K

Panasonic анонсировали DMC-GH4 4K камеру, которая позволяет снимать видео в формате 4К.


  • LUMIX G lens mount (no Canon or Nikon mount options) PL adapter option
  • 16.05mp Live MOS sensor
  • Venus Engine image processor is quad-core cpu
  • Max ISO 25,600
  • 50% faster readout of sensor reduces rolling shutter
  • Photos up to 60 minutes
  • 12fps stills bursts
  • Splash proof (and they even explain what that means – other camera companies don’t seem to want to explain their phrases)
  • Real time HDMI out (4:2:2 / 8 bit (recorded to SD as 4:2:0) or 4:2:2 / 10 bit)
    • ** Not sure if this REQUIRES the Professional 4K Video Interface Unit (Optional)
  • Video:
    • 4k 24p video (4k and QFHD)
    • Different compressions and outputs (.mov/mp4/ALL-I or IPB)
    • Vast number of options for frame rate and bitrate depending on compression selections
    • Up to 94fps
    • Cinelike Gamma (flatter profile similar to CineStyle on Canon I’m guessing)
    • Zebras
    • Focus Peaking – also available over wi-fi for smartphone! (also for stills)
    • Headphone jack for monitoring
    • Time Code – Rec or Free Run
    • Color Bars
    • Center Marker
    • Synchro Scan (suppress flicker under fluorescent lights)
    • No recording time limits (within limitations of format and camera sales area)
  • wifi – stills and video control and viewing via smartphones and tablets
  • Can embed GPS data via smartphone connection
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Connect with smartphone via QR code display on monitor
  • Timelapse built in
  • Stop Motion animation support
  • Professional 4K Video Interface Unit (Optional)
    • adds 2 XLR inputs
    • audio monitoring
    • volume controls
    • professional workflow
  • 4k video with simultaneous 8.8mp photo capture (not specified how you capture these)
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