Magic Lantern добавляет 1/2 стоп динамического диапазона для камер Canon 5d MarkIII

Сообщение с форума CanonRumors:

Breakthrough at Magic Lantern, imho this elevates it to a must-have and makes Canon look really stupid: They at last figured out what the digic registers having to do with iso are, and by fine-tuning them your camera now gets an additional 1/2 stop of dynamic range, no strings attached. Just use +1/2 stop of ec (ML also has ec in m mode, just like the new 1dx fw) and you're done.

This means that for example on 5d3, iso 800 with ML has more dynamic range than iso 100 with Canon :-> ... and at high iso you're getting 7% more dr which is nothing to sneeze at, esp. since it builds upon Canon's advantage vs. Nikon: d800@6400 = ~8.3 & 5d3@6400 = ~9.4 ev. According to the 6d should add another 2/3 stop (once the code is adapted for it) making good ol' Canon the superior sensor for low light high contrast shooting.
Last not least, in combination with the dual_iso module ML now allows you to cover 15 stops of dynamic range in one shot w/o bracketing (by interlacing the shot with two iso values, meaning there's some loss of fine detail in the extreme highlights/shadows). If you feel exposure challenged, you can use the ettr module to automatically set the exposure so it covers exactly the dynamic range of the scene with optimum snr :-)
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