Blackmagic: Обновлен Davinci Resolve 10.1 и новая цена на SmartView Duo

Blackmagic выпустили Davinci Resolve 10.1. Загрузить обновление можно с официального сайта. Среди обновлений новый возможности редактирования, 3д возможности, поддержка final cut 10.1 xml.

Что нового:

Editing Updates

  • Rich Text Title support
  • Take Selector to preview and align multiple takes
  • Copy timeline clips via Option + Drag
  • FCPX Import: Imports sync-audio as a compound clip
  • FCPX Import: Compound clips with single A/V elements are split into individual clips
  • Import font properties from FCP7 XML
  • Support for timeline markers
  • Support for Generator sizing, cropping and composition
  • Color Page Updates
  • Copy and paste of Power Windows with metadata
  • Additional highlight difference mode
  • Support for rectangle patch size for monitor calibration
  • Added monitor calibration support using SpectraCal CalMan
  • Ability to expand/collapse mark store groups from the BMD panel
  • Ability to add marks on mark store sub-groups
  • Expanded preserve options in ColorTrace, Gallery and copy timeline grades
  • Stereoscopic 3D Support Updates
  • Single editable timeline containing both eyes
  • Edit timeline eye selection for viewing
  • Media Pool Left/Right clip syncing and split
  • Media Pool eye selection for viewer, clip attributes and metadata
  • Support for stereo track mattes
  • Additional Media Pool columns to indicate stereo sync and linked audio offset
  • Color page gang controls for floating windows
  • Option of first or middle frame for auto colour and alignment processing
  • Ripple node labelling from one eye to the other
  • Stereoscopic 3D filter options for convergence, auto-align, swapped media and
  • floating windows
  • Convergence for mono-clips, titles, mattes and node sizingGeneral Enhancements
  • Support for Final Cut Pro X 10.1 XML
  • Ability to add clips from folder and sub-folders to MediaPool with matching bins
  • automatically created
  • Ability to ColorTrace all versions from source to target
  • Support for trimming frame-based formats such as ARRIRAW, DPX and DNG
  • Support for PSD frames
  • Support for PNG frames
  • Support for ARRI metadata
  • Support for Canon C500 v1.1 IDTs
  • Sony MXF audio rendering
  • Support for Avid FrameFlex
  • Bitrate control for easyDCP renders
  • Slate TC field editing in the media pool
  • Additional DCI XYZ timeline colorspace option for JPEG2000 and easyDCP clips
  • General performance and stability improvements
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with SP1
  • 12 GB of system memory is recommended and 8 GB is the minimum supported
  • Blackmagic Design Desktop Video version 9.7.7 or later
  • NVIDIA/ATI Driver version – As required by your GPU
  • RED ROCKET Driver version 1.4.36
  • RED ROCKET Firmware version
  • Так же, BlackMagic анонсировали новый прайс на SmartView Duo: 495 долларов. SmartView Duo имеет два больших 8-дюймовых ЖК-экранов в компактной стойке менее дюйма толщиной .SmartView Duo обрабатывает все SD, HD и 3G-SDI стандарты видео и всеми экранами можно дистанционно управлять с помощью сети Ethernet с одного компьютера. Полностью цифровой дизайн с высоким качеством входов SDI обеспечивает точный цвет, которым легко управлять на нескольких мониторах.

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